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Ayomini Oduwole

Microblading Artist

Ayomini Oduwole, Permanent Makeup

Minni Oduwole, Permanent Makeup

Ayomini “Minni” Oduwole,
Permanent Makeup

Ayomini (Minni) Oduwole is a talented microblading artist who has been obsessed with eyebrows since 5th grade and never left her house without painstakingly “drawing” them on. Sadly, they would often hitch a ride on other people’s faces or clothing and smoosh all over her forehead if she forgot not to touch her face. They also disappeared whenever she went swimming or wiped her face at the gym. There had to be a better way!

Twenty years later Minni heard about microblading and finally had her brows done. What a game changer! Even though her background was in health insurance, she just HAD to learn microblading and share this marvel with other women.
We first met Minni as she progressed to machine shading and took one of our courses. It was immediately evident she had a special talent, so we were thrilled to bring her on board at Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic – at first as a junior artist. Minni has since earned her intermediate artist designation, after gaining the requisite experience and honing her already considerable skill and artistry. Minni offers her services to clients from the Vancouver area and Tri-Cities.

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