Micaela Meiring

Permanent Makeup
Micaela Meiring, Permanent Makeup Artist
Micaela Meiring

Permanent Makeup, Lash & Brow Bar

Micaela is a highly esteemed and accomplished makeup artist with a wealth of experience, renowned for her exceptional expertise in the art of special effects and event makeup, as well as permanent makeup application.

With an unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of her field, Micaela consistently updates her knowledge by participating in advanced courses and master classes, ensuring that she remains well-versed in the latest permanent makeup trends, styles, and techniques. Her dedication to continuous learning underscores her commitment to excellence.

Micaela’s signature approach revolves around the enhancement of each client’s distinctive beauty, prioritizing a natural and timeless appearance. Her discerning eye and meticulous technique set her apart as a true artisan in the realm of permanent makeup.

Hailing from South Africa, Micaela has brought her exceptional talent to Halcyon Cosmetic & Skin Clinic, where her professionalism and extensive experience contribute to the clinic’s reputation for delivering impeccable beauty services. Her international background enriches her perspective and allows her to cater to a diverse clientele with grace and finesse.

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