Nazz Usmanova

Permanent Makeup Artist
Nazz Usmanova, Ombre Powder Brows

Nazz Usmanova,
Permanent Makeup

Gulnoza, better known as “Nazz”, specializes in youthful and modern Ombre Powder brows, soft and natural Lip Blush and Dark Lip Neutralization.

As a talented and accomplished fashion illustrator (see her Instagram @yassaid_usman), Nazz began her beauty career as a nail artist, but her love of drawing beautiful faces naturally resulted in her evolution into permanent makeup almost 5 years ago.
Nazz was born and raised in Uzbekistan and immigrated to Canada in 2009. She speaks Russian and Uzbek as well as fluent English.

Nazz’s Credentials

  • 2018: Royal Brows – Alema Sadykova (Uzbekistan)
    Powder Brows, Lip Blush, Eyeliner
  • 2019: Lash Academy (Kazakhstan) – Regina Abramova
    Powder Brows Master Qualification
  • 2021: Rustem Simtikov (Kazakhstan)
    Light Shading, Velvety Lips
  • 2022: Veronika Rozental (Russia)
    Victory Lips