Robin Selman

Permanent Makeup, Lash & Brow Artist
Robin Selman, Permanent Makeup, Lash & Brow Artist
Robin Selman

Permanent Makeup, Lash & Brow Bar

Robin is an extraordinary lash and brow expert with over two decades of experience. After immersing herself in the beauty trends of the Southern Hemisphere for six years, Robin returned to her Canadian roots in 2014, bringing with her a wealth of international experience and expertise.

A luminary in brow shaping, Robin naturally transitioned her authority for impeccably crafted brows into permanent makeup. Robin’s expertise in all methods of brow enhancement ensures that she not only complements individual facial features, but also honours age and lifestyle when selecting the best enhancement techniques for her clients.

Beyond her thriving lash and brow career, Robin is a devoted mother of two, who skillfully balances the demands of a thriving business and bustling household with beautiful walks along the Coquitlam River where she frequently recharges her creative energy.

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