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Laser Genesis Aftercare

Day 1:

Laser Genesis is a deep and effective, but very mild, laser treatment therefore recovery is minimal. It is still important to follow aftercare due to the stimulation beneath the surface of the skin. Today and even into tomorrow, your skin may feel warm and tingly and there can be an overall flush of redness to the skin. Puffiness is not common although can happen. This is not of concern, unless there are other uncomfortable sensations (itching, swelling, ongoing redness, pain) that persist for a length of time. Call if this is the case.
  • If needed, you may apply a cool compress to the skin in short intervals to help alleviate heat and tingling.
  • Do NOT exfoliate, scrub or use cleansing devices on the treated area(s) for 48 hours, or as advised by your aesthetician.
  • Do NOT expose the treated area(s) to excessive heat, sweating, steam, or infrared for 48 hours post treatment.
  • Apply your appropriate SkinCeuticals Vitamin C, moisturizer, and SPF for the days to follow and, ideally, ongoing for long-term protection.

3-5 Days Post Treatment:

By this point, any redness and sensitivity should resolve. The skin may feel a bit dry, which is normal post laser, particularly if combined with other treatments. You may proceed with your regular SkinCeuticals homecare regime but if your skin is on the drier side, give it 1-2 more days before incorporating Retinol if it is a normal part of your routine.
  • Ensure regular & consistent use of SkinCeuticals homecare to improve the efficacy of your laser treatment and optimal results.
  • Always maintain ongoing care with UV exposure by wearing your appropriate SkinCeuticals SPF at all times.
*** If you have paired a chemical peel with your Laser Genesis, the same post care applies***
A series of Laser Genesis treatments, as recommended by your aesthetician, is ideal when working to correct and improve the overall appearance of the skin. We have packages available to ensure your skin is at its best.
If you have any questions about Laser Genesis aftercare, or concerns, please contact us. We are happy to help.

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Questions about Laser Genesis aftercare? Contact Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic.

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