Is Demand Driving Superfluous Innovation in the Non-Invasive Skin Treatment Market?

Non-invasive skin treatment innovation

Is Demand Driving Superfluous Innovation in the Non-Invasive Skin Treatment Market?

The non-invasive skin treatments market is massive, ever-evolving and demand is growing. According to Grand View Research, the worldwide non-invasive aesthetic treatment market was valued at $61.2 billion USD in 2022 and is expected to grow by 15.4% annually from 2023 to 2030.

There are many factors driving the growth of non-invasive skin treatments, though chief among them is thought to be increased availability. The attitudes and habits of Millennials – the largest generation – are also increasing demand. According to a PubMed review paper on Millennials and cosmetic procedures, “[Millennials] have emerged as one of the leading patient demographics seeking minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.”

Social media has quite obviously also played a role. Content creators on many social media platforms are openly discussing their experiences with various non-invasive aesthetic treatments. It seems that people’s willingness to share (and share widely) is increasing destigmatization and wider acceptance. Non-surgical aesthetic treatments are commonplace. In the early days of cosmetic treatment clinics, some clients would disguising themselves by wearing sunglasses or a hat when arriving for a clinic appointment – nowadays, not so much.

Whatever is driving demand, one thing is certain, aesthetic technology companies want their share of the pie, and are constantly building upon existing treatment technologies.

Build a Better Skin Treatment and the World Will Beat a Path to Your Clinic

As the saying goes “Build a better mousetrap and world will beat a path to your door”. Advances in science and our knowledge lead to innovation in existing, accepted standard skin treatment technologies. While the innovations are real, the improvements on the original treatment or technology may or may not live up to the promise publicized by marketing and advertising campaigns. That isn’t to say that all aesthetic treatment innovation is marketing disguised as progress, though doubtlessly marketing is an influential factor.

Skin Treatment Innovation: The Mobile Phone Metaphor

One way to think of the constant tweaking of non-invasive skin treatments is to use a metaphor we can all relate to: how often you purchase a new mobile phone. If you’re like many people, you purchase a new mobile phone every two or three years (some people purchase yearly!). You don’t buy a new cell phone because your old one isn’t working anymore; you buy a new phone because of marketing and mobile phone plans that entice you. Is the new phone that much better than your 2-year old phone? Probably not. You may not notice the innovation or even use all of the touted new features. Your old phone could probably do everything that your new phone does: call, browse the web, take photos, watch videos, listen to music, message, install apps and the like. And yet…you want the new phone. New is better, right?

So, are the innovations and tweaks to existing skin treatment modalities needed and are they “better” than the foundation treatment they build upon? Maybe, maybe not. At Halcyon Cosmetic & Skin Clinic, we have nothing against innovation, however, we also see many clinics jumping on the “new is better” bandwagon to attract more clients. New sometimes is better, but in many cases, existing, tried and true skin treatments and technologies are just fine, thank you.

The results of any treatment have much to do with how the technology is used, the knowledge and skill of the aesthetician (or doctor) performing the treatment, and the severity of concerns being addressed. Innovation to existing treatment modalities doesn’t change that aspect of the results equation, and the benefits promised by the innovation may be imperceptible or minor.

Halcyon Cosmetic & Skin Clinic Treatments

At Halcyon Cosmetic & Skin Clinic, we do believe in innovation, we also believe in using our knowledge to create treatments that just plain work – without purchasing the latest, greatest tech every year, or jumping on the “bleeding edge” bandwagon.

As an example, we created our Signature Skin Treatments by combining different industry-standard treatments to target specific skin concerns. The treatment modes employed were chosen because they have stood the test of time, provide consistently positive results, are non-invasive, and require no downtime.

Each Signature Skin Treatment combines three technologies known to improve various aspects of a specific skin concern.

Signature Anti-Aging Trio
Combines a hydrating peel, IPL Photo Facial and Microneedling.

Signature Clarifying Trio
Combines a clarifying peel with Laser Genesis and a purifying, calming masque.

Signature Flawless Finish Trio
Combines Dermaplaning, Laser Genesis and Microneedling.

Signature Texture Refining Trio
Combines a Clinical Peel, Laser Genesis and Microneedling.

The innovation in our Trio treatments are not in the technologies used, but which technologies are combined. The Signature Skin Treatments grew from our knowledge and experience of treatment effectiveness for a wide range of skin concerns.

If you’re interested in non-invasive skin treatments without hype or sales pressure, give us a shout! Call 604-937-2626 or book here.

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