Microblading Pigments, Do Your Research

Permanent makeup pigments

Microblading Pigments, Do Your Research

Other than obvious concerns such as safety and the training, skills and experience of your microblading professional, the next most important thing to consider is the permanent makeup and microblading pigments they have chosen to work with. We’ve all seen the nightmare of old eyebrow tattoos faded to unflattering shades of blue, green or pink!

After several years of wild popularity in other parts of the world, eyebrow microblading has finally exploded here in Canada. Training centres have opened on every corner it seems, and areas without local training centres are frequented by “travelling trainers”. Most of these 2-3 day seminars include a supply “kit” included with tuition that includes everything needed to begin the rewarding career of microblading artist. No one seems to specify exactly what products are in this kit and fortunately for the trainers, most students at this beginning stage of training don’t know to ask.

As many microblading seminars are in and out of town in a flash, they don’t provide ongoing support for their students. Many students don’t do their own research and carry on using the products they were given until eventually they realize their results are not what they had hoped for.

When choosing someone to perform your brow enhancement, please do your research. Be sure to ask questions regarding the pigment line they have chosen to use and why. How long has the pigment line been in production? Where is it produced? What kind of quality control is performed on it to ensure purity? Is it sterile? Is it free of animal cruelty products? Is it concentrated enough for the colour to last? Is it formulated to fade evenly with sun exposure? Has your chosen artist received training in colour theory? Did they learn how to consider skin undertones when selecting colours? What colour would they choose for you and why?

Be a smart consumer. Don’t assume everyone performing this procedure knows enough to ensure you end up with the brows you’ve always dreamed of.

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