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General Wellness

Optimal general health through naturopathy treatments and western medicine

As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Jordana Aziz is passionate about all aspects of health and wellness and utilizes traditional naturopathy treatments combined with western medicine and science to ensure you feel your best. She helps patients in Port Moody, Coquitlam and PoCo reach their optimal health using methods including, but not limited to:

Botanical Medicine

Where appropriate, Dr. Aziz prescribes North American, European, and East Indian herbs. Although herbs have been used for thousands of years with profound healing affects, more recently there has been a great deal of scientific research confirming many of these traditional uses and allowing us to understand more clearly, how herbs work in the body. There are several ways in which herbs can be prepared for use, including tinctures (herbs extracted in alcohol), compresses, teas, and topical salves.

Lifestyle Counselling

Dr. Aziz works very closely with her patients to help them live more fulfilling, happier, healthier lives.  Along with dietary counselling, patients are also educated on effective ways to exercise, relax, set goals, and cope with the stressors of day to day life.


Dr, Aziz utilizes this medicinal technique in which preparations of different remedies are used to treat illness.  Remedies are most commonly made from herbs, other plants, or minerals, diluted and grafted onto pellets to be taken orally.  Through empirical trials, each remedy has been associated with a list of signs, symptoms, and other characteristics that they are able to address.  The remedy that best matches up with the signs, symptoms, and other characteristics of the patient being treated is then selected as the one to bring him or her back towards health.

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