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Naturopathic Weight Loss & Nutrition

Holistic, natural weight loss & nutrition

As functional medical practitioners, our naturopathic doctors consider nutrition paramount to health and wellness, as well as an effective means to achieve weight loss.

Nutritional therapy begins with dietary counseling and focuses on the use of functional foods and nutritional supplements as therapeutic tools.  She analyzes her patients’ current diet to identify foods that might have negative health impacts, as well as to identify nutritional deficiencies and eating patterns that might contribute to health concerns.  When appropriate, we also utilize Lipotropic MIC injections to aid in weight loss.
Nutritional supplementation can take many forms, from correcting nutrient deficiencies to optimizing levels of beneficial substances in the body to both treat and ward off disease. Although in many instances nutritional supplementation is recommended, Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic does not sell or profit from the sale of any type of supplements but instead prefers to direct you to where the most effective brands can most affordably be purchased.
Weight management often includes correcting the inability to digest, absorb and utilize nutrients effectively, as well as identifying potential food sensitivities or allergies. The naturopathic doctors at Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic will work with you through all of these common causes of weight gain, as well as address potential underlying concerns, such as issues with hormone imbalance. As these issues begin to be addressed, patients notice they feel lighter, more energetic, and the numbers on the scale begin to decline; though true health is not determined by numbers on the scale, but the ability to experience life to the fullest.
Patients visit us from all over Greater Vancouver, including Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam. Book your appointment at Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic today for your weight loss and nutrition overhaul.

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Book an appointment for naturopathic weight loss treatments and nutritional counselling. Our naturopathic doctors will provide a consultation and make recommendations.

Our Naturopathic Doctor

Doctor Jordana Aziz
Dr. Jordana Aziz, ND