Microblading & PMU Training

Permanent makeup training for PMU artists by PMU artists

Halcyon Cosmetic Academy provides advanced permanent makeup & microblading courses online or via webinar, and in person. We also offer mentorship and practicum programs. Train on your own time and in your own space with programs offered by Halcyon Cosmetic Academy as well as select world-renowned artists.

Online PMU Training

Brow Shading with Pointillism

Brow Shading with Pointillism

Never turn another client away!

This class teaches you the one brow shading technique essential for treating all skin types, even the most challenging.
This course guides you through the required steps to successfully achieve beautiful powder brows on even the most aged, sun-damaged or vascular skin.

PMU Tattoo Machine Training

Machines, Needles & More

The details you need to know!

Let us guide you through machine types, their differences, and universal needles. Learn how understanding needle sizing and configuration allows you to treat even the most challenging skin types.
We will showcase 3 different techniques for machine brow shading, needle choices, pigment types and machine handling tips.

In-Person PMU Training

Permanent makeup & microblading courses offered in-person at our Vancouver, BC clinic.

Ombre Brows 3 Ways

Ombre’ Brows 3 Ways

Stop turning clients away!

Learn the 3 brow shading techniques essential for creating beautiful ombre’ brows on all skin types, even the most challenging.
This class is perfect for those new to brow shading as well as those who want to improve, or trouble shoot, their current techniques.
Perfect Lip Blush

Perfect Lip Blush

Our most popular class!

Add Lip tattooing options, including lip blush and blended lip liner, to your menu to increase client satisfaction as well as income potential.
This comprehensive class is designed to give you the knowledge and hands-on practice required to confidently offer these procedures with consistently successful results.
Lashline & Eyeliner Training

Lashline & Eyeliner

A quick, easy procedure to add to your menu!

Add eyeliner options, including quick and popular lashline enhancements, to your menu to increase client satisfaction as well as income potential!
This comprehensive class is designed to give you the knowledge and hands-on practice required to confidently offer these procedures with consistently successful results.
Machine & Needle Theory Course

Machine & Needle Theory

Learn the essentials!

Machine & Needle Theory is ideal for new microblading and permanent makeup artists and those who have used only permanent makeup needles.
You will have your equipment questions answered and will be shown a variety of techniques for machine brow shading as well as touch on skin and pigment basics.
Saline removal workshop - half day

Saline Removal Half Day Workshop

Don’t miss this lucrative addition to your business!

This Saline Removal Workshop is perfect for any artist that has completed Saline Removal certification and requires more practice or is not yet comfortable with machine work or familiar with needle sizes and configurations.

Mentorship, Practicums & More

Have you finished your microblading or permanent makeup course but feel you still need more support? We’ve created the following education options just for you!
These options count towards the 100-hour minimum that is required for the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) to be eligible to become a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional (CPCP).

Permanent Makeup Mentorship Program

Join Our Exclusive Mentorship Program!

Do you need ongoing support or want to dive deeper into permanent makeup or microblading? This personalized program is a great option that takes place from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Enjoy access to our CPCP certified trainers for personalized messaging for 3 months, plus the option of an individual online training session tailored to your needs.
Microblading or PMU Practicum

Microblading/PMU Practicum

Learn with us!

Work, train and practice under the guidance of our experienced and certified instructors!
Our PMU & Microblading Practicum program is designed to offer new graduates or existing artists an opportunity to grow their skills while still being supervised.
Private microblading and PMU training

Private Training

Spend YOUR time learning what YOU need!

Private training is for existing permanent makeup or microblading artists who feel they need more supervision, assistance or want to add new skills.
Use your time wisely, focussing on exactly what you need.
SPCP additional hours training

Qualify for CPCP!

This program enables students to work towards their 100 education hours to qualify for the CPCP exam while building confidence with a variety of procedures.

The SPCP requires 100 hours of training before you are eligible to sit the CPCP certification exam.