Spring Skincare Regimen & Tips

spring skincare regimen

Spring Skincare Regimen & Tips

With seasonal weather changes (and, of course the spring pollen) your spring skincare regimen may need a little renewal too! Here are some things you might want to consider revising:

Your Cleanser

In winter our skin typically feels drier or, at the very least, not as oily as it does in spring and summer. No need to waste what you’ve already got in your vanity! Instead of a complete change, we recommend adding in either SkinCeuticals Soothing Foam Cleanser or SkinCeuticals Simply Clean to one of your daily cleanses. Either one of these light-weight options will provide a deeper cleanse for your skin to help tackle and minimize any impurities brewing underneath that mask!

Your Moisturizer

Moisturizer is definitely all about your texture preference. You may love that heavier, richer moisturizer for the winter months and, while that may still feel really great on your skin, you might consider something a touch lighter for daytime. With the sun out (we hope more and more) and our skin still hiding under our masks, a lighter moisturizer may save you from feeling greasy by the day’s end. This will also help with congestion, which many of us have been noticing a bit more around our noses lately. SkinCeuticals has a few moisturizer options that will also jump start protection from pigmentation this time of year. The correct one for you will depend on your skin type and concerns.

Vitamin C Serum

As we discuss pigmentation protection, we can’t forget our Vitamin C serums. Not everyone needs to switch out their favourite SkinCeuticals Vitamin C serum though we strongly recommend it if you have the following concerns and/or skin types:

  • If your skin is oilier in warmer weather or prone to congestion and breakouts, we recommend switching to our brand new Vitamin C serum – Silymarin CF
  • If you pigment easily OR are outside a great deal you might do better with a Vitamin C that specifically targets pigment (and hopefully you are bathing your beautiful self in SPF)


Lastly, there is a major misconception about retinol and exfoliation in general during warmer months and we would like to clear that up! You DO NOT have to stop exfoliation in the spring and summer. You may (and should) revise or swap out your product to a more appropriate one depending on your skin type, but we still encourage you to continue an active (more than a granular scrub) method of exfoliation. Promoting consistent cellular turnover helps with a wide range of skin issues but the common denominator is healthier, brighter and clearer skin!

As always, we are here to guide you through any product revision or a major routine overhaul. Although we welcome you into our clinic, it can also be as easy as a virtual consult and having your products shipped directly to you! If you’d like a customized spring skincare regimen customized to suite your particular skin issues, contact us for a consultation.

Just because it’s not always on display these days, doesn’t mean your skin shouldn’t continue to look and feel it’s best 🙂


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