Tips for Winter Skin Care

Tips for Winter Skin Care

Tips for Winter Skin Care

Protecting your skin is especially important in winter, so we’ve put together a list of tips for winter skin care. Don’t forget that your skincare regimen needs to change this time of year!

Here are some common causes of drier skin:

  • Colder Weather
    Colder weather strips your skin of the valuable lipids that normally keep it moisturized during warmer months.
  • Hotter Showers
    Hot showers dehydrate the skin, particularly if we don’t follow our shower with an appropriate product to replenish moisture.
  • Indoor Temperatures
    As we crank up the heat, the air becomes significantly drier as does our skin.
  • Drinking Less Water
    We all seem to be a little more diligent about water intake during the summer months, but it often gets neglected during the winter.

Tips for Hyrdrated Winter Skin

  1. DON’T Stop Retinol/ExfoliationWhile you may need to choose a gentler option, exfoliation should absolutely be continued as part of your skincare routine. Gently sloughing off those dry, dead skin cells will allow all of the amazing actives to penetrate, providing moisture and stimulating hyaluronic acid (moisture).
  2. DO Layer Your Products
    This can be done for any skin type or condition BUT you must make sure to layer in the correct product order to ensure the ingredients work synergistically.
  3. DON’T Skip Your SPF
    The sun may be hiding but the UVA/UVB rays are not! These harmful (aging) rays are at work all year round.
  4. DO Drink Water
    If you find it difficult to drink plain water during the colder months try tea, or hot water with lemon or mint and some basil, even a tablespoon of fennel seeds in hot water tastes great (and is great for digestion)!
  5. DO Come in for a Skincare Consultation!
    If you are unsure of what steps to take, bring in what you have (even if you use items from another product line) and we’ll help you to revise your routine to keep it at its best during the cold, winter months.

Not sure how you should change up your skincare routine? Visit one of our licensed aestheticians and skincare experts for your personalized consultation. Learn about treatments that protect and nourish your skin, get more tips for winter skin care, and then pass your Christmas wish-list on to your special someone 😉

We have a variety of Christmas skincare bundles we’ve put together this year, as well as gift cards in the denomination of your choice.

Happy holidays!


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