Welcoming a New Year With Gratitude

Welcoming a new year with gratitude

Welcoming a New Year With Gratitude

Many things come on the dawn of a new year. Most commonly people enjoy setting intentions or goals, vision boarding (our personal favourite), or enjoying other rituals deep in reflection – or maybe it’s Netflix, pizza and bed by 10:30. Perhaps your new year’s eve was a bit quiet or solemn? However you spent December 31, 2020, we imagine it was with a little more reflection than in previous years. Namely because this was the year that shook us all to varying degrees like a can of soda in slow motion.

For us, and possibly for many of you as well, 2020 was a revolving door of fear, grace and gratitude. And through it all our Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic family, our incredible clients and our amazing leaders, Kelly and Stephanie, held it all together so we all had something to come back to.

We truly can’t thank you, our clients, enough for your support throughout 2020. Keeping small businesses afloat aside, this meant more than that to all of us at Halcyon. It was about your trust in us and feeling safe. It was your generosity, loyalty, and the connection you offered that kept us moving forward. It was your understanding and flexibility when things were up in the air. It was your patience.

Simply put, we are grateful for every single person who walked through our doors, whether for one visit or for many.

It’s a brand new year and we can’t wait to share it with all of you! Keep in touch. Stay connected to us on Facebook and Instagram or email, and please let us spoil you a little bit (or a lot!) this coming year.

With Gratitude,

The Halcyon Team.

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