Chemical Peel Aftercare

Day 1:

Your skin may feel tingly for a short time after your peel treatment, which is normal. There may also be an overall flush to the skin and/or some blotchiness in areas where the peel absorbed differently; this too, is very normal.

Cleanse your skin with lukewarm water before bed or use your SkinCeuticals cleanser. Pat dry and follow with your SkinCeuticals hydrating moisturizer.

  • NO exfoliation (scrub, chemical, loofah, or cleansing tool) to be used tonight or for the following 72 hours unless advised by your aesthetician
  • NO sweating, heat sources, or extended bouts of direct UV exposure for 48 hrs post treatment

5-7 days Post Treatment:

Your skin will likely feel a bit tight and perhaps a little dry. Please keep your skin well hydrated with your suggested SkinCeuticals products as per your aesthetician.

Though your skin may feel ‘normal’, it is important to know the effects of the peel within the skin can make the skin sensitive and/or mildly reactive. Please follow our guidelines to ensure optimal results:

  • NO exfoliation 5-7 days post treatment unless otherwise advised by your aesthetician
  • Moderate UV exposure permitted with SkinCeuticals SPF protection
  • Should there be mild flaking or peeling of the skin, please do not scrub, pick, or peel. Allow the skin to slough off on its own and moisturize well to expedite this process.
  • A purge (mild breakout) is not uncommon post treatment, particularly when the skin is actively oily. Should this occur, please do not squeeze, pick or over strip the skin with exfoliating products. This should subside on its own over a few days. Please call or email the office should you have concerns.

A series of Aesthetic treatments every 4-6 weeks is ideal when working to correct and/or achieve an overall improvement of the skin. We have treatment and product packages available to ensure your skin is at its best.

If you have any questions or concerns during this time, please contact us. We are happy to help.

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