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Redness & Rosacea

Win the Battle Against Red, Blotchy Skin

Facial redness and flushing can make anyone self-conscious and is difficult and time-consuming to cover with makeup.

Small blood vessels and capillaries that reside close to the surface of the skin are susceptible to dilation and breakage from continued sun and environmental damage. Skin disorders such as Rosacea also contribute to the appearance of redness, mainly in the central cheek and nose area. Professional skin treatments and ongoing sun protection can reduce the look of redness dramatically, and for progressive disorders like Rosacea, treatment can control the redness and breakouts associated with flare-ups.

At Halcyon Cosmetic we can help you select the products and treatments most effective for treating your redness and flushing concerns.

Our Suggested Treatments

  • Daily Vitamin C Serum
  • Daily broad spectrum sun protection, reapplied often
  • SkinCeuticals Facials to promote and maintain skin health
  • Laser Genesis to minimize dilated and broken capillaries

Treatment Costs

Treatment costs can be found on our price list although treatment plans are customized and priced accordingly. Packages are available for all treatments.

Make an Appointment

Book an appointment for rosacea or skin redness treatments. Call or book online. We’ll provide a consultation and suggestion the most effective treatment or combo treatment.

Suggested Treatments

We suggest the following skin treatments:

Rosacea & Skin Redness FAQ

Why does my face always appear red and flushed?

In most cases, redness and  flushing are due to tiny, blood vessels residing very close to the surface of the skin. Flushing and worsening of redness over time occur when microvessels dilate because of genetics, sun and environmental skin damage, and some skin disorders such as Rosacea.

What is a SkinCeuticals Facial?

A SkinCeuticals Facial utilizes professional-grade products customized by our skincare specialist to calm your irritated skin to minimize the appearance of redness. It can be done on its own or as part of a treatment plan to enhance and improve other treatments you might be receiving.

What is a REDNESS COMBO Treatment?

A REDNESS COMBO treatment is our most effective treatment for redness, flushing and Rosacea without significant downtime. Our SkinCeuticals Facial is kicked up a few notches with the addition of dermaplaning to maximize laser penetration, combined with our comfortable and non-ablative Laser Genesis. Maximum results are achieved with a series of at least 3 treatments.

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a thorough physical exfoliation of dead surface skin cells and vellus hair resulting in a brighter, smoother complexion. It is an ideal treatment prior to Laser Genesis as the removal of this buildup maximizes laser penetration.

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a medical-grade laser that specifically targets the microvessels contributing to the appearance of flushing and redness. These tiny dilated blood vessels are not necessary for skin health and are often the result of sun damage or a skin disorder such as Rosacea. This laser treatment is warm and comfortable, safe for all skin types, and has no downtime other than a little increased redness that settles quickly.

How do I know the best treatment for me?

You can select your treatment(s) and book them yourself through our online booking system or book a consultation with one of our skincare specialists for recommendations.

Are there any contraindications to these redness treatments?

Yes. We will ask you for a full skin history including current and past skincare products and medications. We may postpone your treatment if you are using skincare with exfoliating ingredients, if you are new to Retinol, or if you are taking or have recently taken Accutane.

Do you ever refuse to do a redness treatment?

Yes. There are occasions where client expectations are not realistic or where we choose not to proceed for other reasons.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, debit and credit cards.