Permanent makeup before and after photos

View permanent makeup before and after photos by Halcyon Cosmetic artist-technicians.

About Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that creates the illusion of fuller, more shapely brows by filling spaces between existing hairs with hair-shaped pigment strokes. Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic artist-technicians can create a variety of styles and shapes from subtle to bold.

About Powder Shade

A powder shade is a soft spray of pigment that results in the appearance of a brow subtly filled with powdered makeup. The result is a soft and natural fuller looking brow. A powder shade works best for people with a good amount of existing eyebrow hair. A powder shade usually lasts much longer than microblading.

About Combination Brows

A combination brow or “combo brow” combines microblading with a powdered brow for what we feel is the most natural looking result that most closely mimics a natural brow. We recommend combination brows to people with little eyebrow hair or sparse hair of uneven density. A combo brow works well whether you have no hair, little hair or a full brow.

About Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner involves applying semi-permanent pigment to your lashline, mimicking an eyeliner application. Permanent eyeliner and lashline enhancement negate the need for time-consuming eyeliner application.

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About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are individual, feather-like strands applied to your existing lashes, extending their length and adding thickness, resulting in lush lashes and a well-defined eye shape that “pops”.

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About Microblading Corrections

Halcyon Cosmetic often corrects microblading done at other clinics or by freelance microblading artists.

About Permanent Makeup Removal

Permanent makeup and traditional tattoos can be lightened or completely removed using Li-FT lightening solution in a process known as “tattoo lifting”. Compared to laser tattoo removal, tattoo pigment lifting is much more comfortable and equally effective. Lightening may require several treatments. Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic is the official Canadian distributor of Li-FT products.

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