Eyebrow Thinning

Say “Yes!” to Fuller, More Shapely Brows

We all believe we over-tweezed in our youth, but the truth is that eyebrow thinning is a fact of life. Brow hair becomes more sparse as we age. As dark and full eyebrows are associated with youth, a thinning brow can contribute significantly to an aged look as can a dated eyebrow shape.

At Halcyon Cosmetic we believe that the look of a fuller brow can improve appearance, but we also believe in creating the brow that is right for you and that is not always a permanent or perfectly coiffed, straight-edged ombre brow. For some clients, a short-term solution is more appropriate than a long term enhancement. Each of us is unique and what is right for one person might not be right for the next.

When creating a longer term eyebrow enhancement, we are committed to quality and longevity. Creating an eyebrow for an Instagram photo is very different than creating a brow that looks natural on you and will continue to look natural for years to come.

Long-Term Solutions

  • Eyebrow enhancement including microblading, powder brows, ombre’ brows, combination brows, nano brows and microfeathering
  • Adoreyes Plus – Advanced Triple Peptide Growth Complex Serum for brows

Eyebrow Treatment Costs

Individual eyebrow treatment costs can be found on our price list although brow treatment plans are customized and priced accordingly. Packages are available for all treatments. Our clinic is located in Port Moody and easily accessible for clients in Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam.

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    Suggested Treatments

    We suggest the following eyebrow treatments:

    Thin Eyebrow Treatment FAQ

    What is the difference between short-term and long-term eyebrow enhancement?

    A short-term brow treatment, such as shaping and tinting, or henna, might last a number of weeks while brow enhancement techniques including microblading and powder brows might last years.

    How do I know if a short-term brow treatment is right for me?

    If you have never worn brow makeup or if you struggle with eyebrow thinning, you might be better suited to try short-term brow tinting. If you fill in your brows with makeup but are young and not committed to one particular shape you might try brow henna.

    How do I know if a longer-term brow treatment is right for me?

    If you are a little more mature and not really following eyebrow trends, but have learned what looks best on you, it’s probably time for a longer term brow enhancement such as a powder brow. If your brow shape is very dated, a longer-term shape correction might be a great way to resurrect your youth.

    What type of training do you have?

    All of our short-term brow professionals are licensed estheticians or experienced makeup artists. Our brow tattoo artists are not only very experienced but are some of the very few Canadian artists to be CPCP certified. Our junior artists are all working towards certification.

    What is CPCP certified?

    The permanent makeup profession is unregulated in Canada. Anyone can purchase the products and tools required to tattoo and begin practicing. The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals is a worldwide organization that has worked tirelessly for 25 years to instill regulation in our industry. To receive CPCP certification an artist must meet the minimum 100 hours of training, hold a current Bloodborne pathogens certificate, and pass a thorough examination covering all aspects of safe tattooing.

    How do I know which brow treatment is right for me?

    You can select your treatment(s) and book them yourself through our online booking system or contact us for a consultation for recommendations.

    Are there any contraindications to brow treatments?

    Yes. We will ask you for a full health history including current and past skincare products and medications you’ve used. We may postpone your eyebrow treatments if you are using skincare with exfoliating ingredients, if you are new to Retinol, or if you are taking or have recently taken Accutane.

    Do you ever refuse to do a brow treatment?

    Yes. There are occasions where a client’s expectations for eyebrow treatments are not realistic. We may also choose not to proceed with treatments for other reasons.

    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept cash, debit and credit cards.