Lip Colour Loss

Kiss Lip Colour Loss Goodbye

If your lips seem more washed out than they once did, it might be time to consider a lip colour treatment. Along with thinning lips and lip lines that come with age, comes the gradual loss of colour. Often colour loss begins at the outer edge of our lips and progresses inwards, or occurs in random patches, both of which contribute further to the look of aging lips.

At Halcyon Cosmetic we are able to rejuvenate your lip colour with micropigmentation. Lip colour can be applied focussing on the outer edge, as a thin wash throughout, or as a densely pigmented lipstick. Colour ranges from a sheer and natural blush, to bright, bold and vibrant. As always, lip colour is individually customized for you.

The restoration of lip colour can make your lips appear fuller and more youthful, but lip colour should never be applied outstide of the natural border to achieve fuller looking lips. If fullness is your main concern, consider dermal filler to attract moisture for soft, fuller lips.

Corrective Lip Colour Treatments

Preventative Lip Colour Loss Treatments

Lip Colour Treatment Costs

Lip colour treatment costs can be found on our price list although each lip restoration plan is customized and priced accordingly. Interested in treatments? Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic serves clients in Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam, although clients come to us from all over Greater Vancouver for lip colour treatments.

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    Lip Colour Treatment FAQ

    What is lip colour restoration?

    Lip colour restoration is the application of lip colour with permanent makeup pigment. Lip colour can be applied as a wash of sheer colour or more heavily, similar to lipstick, and is available in a variety of colours. For more information, read about permanent lip blush.

    What is pigment?

    The pigment used to rejuvenate lip colour is permanent makeup pigment, otherwise known as tattoo ink. There are some differences in the manufacturing of permanent makeup pigments to account for the sheerer application techniques as well as constant sun exposure when applied to the face.

    Is organic lip pigment better?

    Pigments are either inorganic (iron oxide based) or organic (carbon based). This is the chemical composition of pigment and has nothing to do with being “grass fed’. It does, however, contribute to the vibrancy and longevity of the colour. Ensure your artist understands lip colour chemistry!

    How do I know which lip colour treatment is right for me?

    You can select your preferred treatment(s) and book them yourself through our online booking system or, for best results, contact us to book a consultation for recommendations.

    Are there any contraindications to lip colour treatments?

    Yes. We will ask you for a full health history including current and past products and medications. We may postpone your treatment if there is any concern regarding these.

    * If you have EVER had a cold sore you must see your physician to determine if a prophylactic antiviral is right for you.

    Do you ever refuse to do a lip colour treatment?

    Yes. There are occasions where client expectations are not realistic or where we choose not to proceed for other reasons.

    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept cash, debit and credit cards.