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Thin & Uneven Lips

More Voluptuous, Even Lips Are Here

One of the first signs of aging is thinning and uneven lips. As collagen production nosedives, and sun damage accumulates, our lips very quickly lose the plumpness and fullness of youth to give away our age.

Unfortunately, many won’t consider lip treatments because they are so negatively associated with the over-filled look of Hollywood. But rest assured, there are many excellent options for lip restoration without being detectable from across the room!
At Halcyon Cosmetic we prefer to think of lips like we do of rejuvenation in general. Treatment should aim to restore what you’ve lost with age to turn the clock back a little, not give you something you never had. Each lip client is assessed individually to determine the factors contributing to your aging lips and a treatment plan is customized to restore your confidence with little, to no, downtime.

Our Preventative Treatments
  • Daily SPF, reapplied often
  • Dermal filler in small quantities to maintain lip fullness before it is lost
  • Botox to address strong depressor anguli oris (DAO) muscles before they cause a permanent frown

Our Corrective Treatments

Treatment Costs

Some lip treatment costs can be found on our price list although each lip restoration plan is customized and priced accordingly.

Make an Appointment

Call or book online to find out about treatments for thin or uneven lips. We’ll provide a consultation and will suggest the most effective treatments.

Suggested Treatments

We suggest the following treatments:

Uneven & Thin Lip Treatments FAQ

Why do our lips thin and become uneven?

As we age, collagen production slows, sun damage accumulates, and our lips begin to lose fat volume. As this loss occurs, it is not always even, contributing to uneven lips.

What is dermal filler?

Dermal filler is a product used to replace the facial and lip volume that is lost with age. Unlike its name, dermal filler does not just “fill”. In fact, most dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid based which is the substance plentiful our eyes and joints to keep them moist. It works by attracting 2000x its weight in water. When used appropriately, by a skilled physician injector, it can be undetectable. For more information view this page.

What is Botox Cosmetic?

Botox Cosmetic is a neurotoxin that is injected into specific muscles that contribute to the formation of lines and wrinkles. It acts by stopping the contraction of the muscle. It is commonly used to reduce the strength of the “DAO” muscles, which minimizes a “down-turned” mouth that appears to be always frowning. This can greatly improve the shape of the lips. For more information visit this page.

What is lip colour restoration?

Lip colour restoration is the restoration of lip colour with permanent makeup pigment. Lip colour can be applied as a wash of sheer colour or more heavily, similar to lipstick, and is available in a variety of colours. For more information see here.

How do I know which lip treatment will be most effective for my thin, uneven lips?

You can select your preferred treatment(s) and book them yourself through our online booking system or, for best results, book a consultation for recommendations.

Are there contraindications to lip treatments?

Yes. We will ask you for a full health history including current and past skincare products and medications. We may postpone your treatment if there is any concern regarding these.

Do you ever refuse to do a lip treatment?

Yes. There are occasions where client expectations are not realistic or where we choose not to proceed for other reasons.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, debit and credit cards.