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Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic offers many permanent or semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement techniques including microblading, microshading, powder brows, ombre, microfeathering, and combo brows. We serve clients in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody and many of our loyal clients travel from Burnaby, Vancouver and the Fraser Valley for our eyebrow wizardry.

At Halcyon Cosmetic, we use both manual and machine application methods depending on your skin type and desired look. Our specialties include reshaping and restoring brows that have lost their youthful appearance, as well as creating beautifully designed, natural, modern brows. We work with you to both design your perfect shape and select your personalized colour. Fill in, define or reshape your eyebrows with youthful, face-framing eyebrows that are unique to you in colour, shape and density.

Eyebrow microblading or “Instagram brows” might be the current trend, but it is not the right technique for most clients. For the most realistic eyebrow enhancement tattoo we select the application technique that is appropriate for your skin type as well as your desired look. We very  often blend a little eyebrow microblading with powder shading for softly enhanced, and very realistic looking brows. 

If you’re unsure if permanent eyebrows are right for you, please book a complimentary consultation.

Brow Techniques

Read about common brow techniques used at Halcyon Cosmetic & Skin Clinic.

The technique that is best for your brows will be chosen at your appointment and is based on your skin type, your desired outcome and your general health.


A manual tool is used to implant pigment into tiny lines in the brow area to create the illusion of hair strokes. This technique implants very little pigment so it only last up to 1-2 years for most people. Microblading is not suitable for oily or aged skin, as pigment can spread underneath the skin surface causing blurred or grey-looking “hair strokes”.

Powder Brow

This look can be achieved using a variety of techniques (depending on your skin type and the technique preferred by your artist) but gives the look of soft “powdered” make-up. It is ideal for anyone requesting fuller looking brows or who would like to improve the definition or shape of their brows. It can look subtle or bold depending on preference and is suitable for almost all skin types.

Ombré Powder Brow
(Shaded Brow)

The same as a powder brow except the head of the brow (closest to the nose) is done using diluted pigment, a lighter colour, or less saturation than the rest of the brow.

Combination Brow

This technique combines microblading with a powder brow. Generally, hair strokes begin in the centre of the brows but do not extend fully to the tail and a “powder” technique is used to fill the brows. This helps them to last longer while also giving them 3 dimensional depth. Suitable for skin that heals well with microblading.


This is a less structured microblading technique that is suitable for those who have a plenty of brow hair but want minor gaps filled in for a fuller look. Not suitable for those who have little to no hair or those whose brows are not already quite full.

Eyebrow Colour Correction

Existing eyebrow microblading or permanent makeup that has changed colour over time but retains a satisfactory shape can often be colour-corrected (depending on saturation). Usually a powder brow technique is preferred, with a pigment colour that will neutralize and correct the existing brow colour. Must be done by an artist properly trained in colour theory and highly skilled in correction techniques.

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    Our Permanent Eyebrow Artists

    Kelly Hallam, RTNM CPCP, President / Permanent Makeup
    Kelly Hallam, RTNM CPCP

    Founder (2014) & CEO

    Read Short Bio
    Kelly is one of the Lower Mainland’s only permanent makeup and paramedical tattoo artists with an extensive science and healthcare background. She offers a variety of micropigmentation procedures, including microblading and powder brows, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip colour. As a breast cancer survivor, Kelly is passionately skilled in areola restoration tattooing, scar reduction and scar camouflage. READ MORE
    Micaela Meiring, Permanent Makeup Artist
    Micaela Meiring

    Permanent Makeup, Lash & Brow Bar

    Read Short Bio
    Micaela is a highly esteemed and accomplished makeup artist renowned for her exceptional expertise in the art of special effects and event makeup, as well as permanent makeup application. Micaela’s signature approach revolves around the enhancement of each client’s distinctive beauty, prioritizing a natural and timeless appearance. READ MORE
    Robin Selman, Permanent Makeup, Lash & Brow Artist
    Robin Selman

    Permanent Makeup, Lash & Brow Bar

    Read Short Bio
    Robin is an extraordinary lash and brow expert with over two decades of experience. A luminary in brow shaping, Robin naturally transitioned her authority for impeccably crafted brows into permanent makeup. Robin’s expertise in all methods of brow enhancement ensures that she not only complements individual facial features, but also honours age and lifestyle.


    Hanna Cockburn, Medical Aesthetician
    Hanna Cockburn

    Medical Aesthetician & Permanent Makeup Artist

    Read Short Bio
    Hanna is a highly esteemed, internationally trained medical aesthetician and laser technician, hailing from the heart of Europe. With a commitment to excellence, she has made a significant impact on the world of aesthetics in the Lower Mainland. Her journey began in Ukraine, where she received comprehensive training and education, laying the foundation for her illustrious career. READ MORE

    Permanent Eyebrows FAQ

    What is microblading?

    Eyebrow microblading is an eyebrow enhancement tattoo that involves embedding fine lines of pigment into the skin to give the appearance of individual eyebrow hairs. Eyebrow microblading is also known as eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow micropigmentation, feather brows, or 3D brows. It is done using a hand-tool and is best for healthy skin that is not too oily.

    How long does microblading last?

    It typically only lasts 1-3 years and will require a follow-up appointment every 1-2 years.

    What is a powdered brow?

    A powdered brow tattoo involves implanting a soft spray of pigment into the skin to give the appearance of an eyebrow that is softly filled with powder makeup. A powdered brow tattoo can be applied using a hand-tool or a tattoo machine. The intensity of pigment is controlled by both dilution and the number of passes over the skin as well as by machine settings. This is a very soft and natural enhancement for those with a lot of existing brow hair, or a gentler application technique for skin that is thin or more mature. It typically lasts longer than microblading.

    How long does a powdered brow last?

    A powdered brow can be done using both permanent pigment and tattoo pigment. A powdered brow done with a permanent makeup pigment usually fades naturally and requires a follow-up appointment every 1-5 years. A powdered brow with tattoo pigment can last much longer. Many artists favour tattoo pigment for its longevity but please ensure that if this is the case they have an extensive portfolio. Only very experienced artists should be using tattoo pigments.

    What is an ombre brow?

    An ombre brow involves darker enhancement through the arch and tail of the brow and lighter enhancement in the head of the brow. This look can be achieved using different colours of pigment or different dilutions of the same colour. Longevity is similar to that of a powdered brow, although the head of the brow generally fades a little faster.

    What is a combo brow?

    A combo brow (in our humble opinion) is usually the most natural looking eyebrow tattoo whether you have a full brow or hair or no brow hair at all. This technique combines microblading with the powdered brow or ombre technique. We recommend this for anyone with very little brow hair or uneven hair density, or anyone who is making a significant brow shape change.

    How do I know if permanent eyebrows are right for me?

    If your eyebrows require filling in, reshaping, or are sparse or non-existent, then permanent eyebrow enhancement is a great option! Thick, healthy brows are the current trend for the younger generations but even if you are a little more mature, eyebrow enhancement tattoos are a great, smudge proof, way to restore your youthful look. Don’t worry, these are not one-size-fits-all! Colour, hair thickness, brow density, and shape are all customized to your preference and what will look best on you.

    How do I know which eyebrow enhancement technique is right for me?

    You don’t, we do! Only after discussing your desired look and analyzing your skin type can we determine the eyebrow tattoo technique that is right for you. TIP: Beware of artists who only do microblading. Microblading is an advanced technique that is suitable only for very particular skin types. When done on the wrong skin type it heals very poorly – we know, we correct and remove bad brows done by other artists every day!

    What type of tools and equipment do you use?

    This is a very important question and one you should ask when you are doing your research. We use only very high quality tools that undergo strict quality control during manufacturing. All of our tools are single use, stamped with a lot# and date, and labelled with the method of sterilization. There are many different shapes and sizes of eyebrow tattoo tools available and often several different ones need to be used to achieve your desired look. The type of tool used and the number of tools used per procedure is a factor that will greatly influence the price of your brows as well as the final look.

    Is eyebrow enhancement permanent or semi-permanent makeup?

    This is a topic of constant debate. When done correctly, eyebrow pigment (of any type) is implanted into the upper dermis, thus it is a tattoo and correctly referred to as permanent makeup. However, permanent makeup pigment is formulated to fade naturally over time, which is why some technicians will refer to it as semi-permanent makeup. It is also a common error for the inexperienced artist to implant pigment too shallowly into the epidermis, where it will shed with natural cell turnover – which is another reason why it is sometimes incorrectly referred to as semi-permanent makeup. The correct terminology is “permanent makeup.”

    How does eyebrow microblading differ from a traditional eyebrow tattoo?

    The old-school, or traditional eyebrow tattoos deposited tattoo ink into the skin, for a solid looking eyebrow tattoo that would last almost forever, or fade to unnatural colours over time. Newer permanent makeup pigments are specifically formulated for the face, and to fade naturally over time and with exposure to sunlight. These pigments are also implanted using very new techniques that, even when applied as solid colour, result in very softly healed, natural looking brows.

    Does it hurt?

    Over time we have tried various numbing techniques and have developed a process that is almost 100% effective and also works very quickly. In our studio, most people tolerate a permanent eyebrow procedure very well and some clients even fall asleep!

    How long will my eyebrows take to heal?

    Permanent eyebrows will look a bit larger and a few shades darker than you are used to for the first few days. Once healing begins you may see some flaking or scabbing and they may appear quite uneven during this stage. Be patient. Once the flaking has stopped, the colour will soften and start to even out. Flaking should be complete after 7-10 days but full healing of the skin takes 4-6 weeks and sometimes longer.

    Do I have to remove my existing eyebrow hair?

    Absolutely not! Some stray hairs may be cleaned up if they are outside of the defined area for your new eyebrow shape but the rest of your hairs will stay. Your new brows will blend with your existing brow hair.

    What if I have little or no eyebrow hair?

    Permanent eyebrows are definitely for you! We will work with you to create a soft, natural shape that compliments your facial features. This may include a combination of microbladed eyebrows and powdered shading depending on your skin type and desired look.

    Can I cover an existing eyebrow tattoo?

    It depends. If your previous eyebrow tattoo is not too saturated, enhancement with microblading or a powdered eyebrow tattoo can be a great option for a more natural looking brow. This is more complicated if your brows are scarred, or if the existing pigment is very saturated or has faded to an unnatural colour. Please email or text us a photo or come in for a consultation if you have an existing eyebrow tattoo and we can discuss the steps required for correction or removal.

    What if I've lost my brows or will loose them due to cancer treatment?

    One of our artists, Kelly (founder of Halcyon Cosmetic) is a breast cancer survivor herself, and understands how the loss of eyebrow hair effects the overall perception of health. If you are about to start chemotherapy we can assure you that you will feel SO much better with some soft permanent eyebrows in place, even if you only have time for one appointment and used it as a guide for makeup application. If you are currently undergoing chemotherapy we must wait until your treatment is complete and your immune system has returned to normal. If you are post-chemo but your brows haven’t grown back, then this is also a great option.

    Are there any contradictions?

    Yes. We will not do permanent makeup, including eyebrows, if you…

    • are under the age of 18
    • are pregnant or breastfeeding
    • are on oral acne medication or have been in the last year
    • have keloid scarring
    • have vitiligo
    • have uncontrolled diabetes

    How should I prepare for my appointment?

    • Contact us if you take blood thinners on a regular basis
    • No alcohol 24 hours prior to your treatment
    • No exfoliating skin care products on the area the week before your treatment
    • Pain tolerance is reduced just before, and during, menstruation. Keep this in mind when timing the booking of your appointment.
    • If you tend to get cold sores anywhere on your face, please ensure you have a prescription antiviral on hand.
    • Make sure you don’t have any significant events planned for several days after your treatment. Although your brows will be immediately selfie-ready, they will likely appear larger and darker than you are used to.

    Do you ever refuse to do a permanent eyebrow treatment?

    YES. We reserve the right to refuse treatment on anyone for any reason.

    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept cash, major credit cards and e-transfer. GST will be added to all prices.