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At Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic we understand how scars can affect self-esteem, whether from acne, surgical events, accidents or otherwise. Our goal with scar restoration and camouflage is to minimize the appearance of your scars and restore your confidence. Although we’re located in Port Moody, clients come to us from Coquitlam, PoCo and Greater Vancouver for scar restoration treatments.

There are many factors to consider when treating scar tissue and our paramedical tattoo and aesthetics departments both offer a variety of services to address those, often combining treatments to get the best results possible.

A vascular laser is often our starting point, as it minimizes the redness and discolouration caused by scar tissue, softens thickened tissue, increases collagen production, and reduces the contrast between a hypopigmented scar and its surrounding tissue. We also offer medical microneedling to break down scar tissue and regenerate collagen, as well as improve softness and elasticity. These treatments are fast, safe and effective and provide maximum results with minimum downtime.

We also offer scar camouflage tattooing but only in very specific cases, and only after a consultation to determine if you are a suitable candidate. Scar camouflage can be a wonderful treatment to minimize the appearance of your scar, but it is important to understand that it is very unlikely to completely camouflage it. Additionally, it is appropriate for white scars only and cannot ever be used to lighten a red scar or a dark scar.

car camouflage pigmentation is an advanced procedure that should only be done by an experienced professional over a few sessions to achieve the most realistic results. We have seen horrific results after incorrectly trained artists have attempted scar camouflage, so please do your homework to ensure your artist is adequately trained and experienced.

If you’re unsure if scar restoration or camouflage is right for you, please book a complimentary consultation.
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    Our Scar Restoration & Camouflage Technician

    Kelly Hallam, RTNM CPCP, President / Permanent Makeup
    Kelly Hallam, RTNM CPCP

    Founder (2014) & CEO

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    Kelly is one of the Lower Mainland’s only permanent makeup and paramedical tattoo artists with an extensive science and healthcare background. She offers a variety of micropigmentation procedures, including microblading and powder brows, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip colour. As a breast cancer survivor, Kelly is passionately skilled in areola restoration tattooing, scar reduction and scar camouflage. READ MORE

    Scar Restoration & Camouflage FAQ

    What is scar restoration?

    Scar restoration involves, and often combines, a few different treatment modalities to minimize the appearance of your scar(s). These include laser treatments, microneedling and sometimes camouflage tattooing.

    What types of scars can be restored?

    Scar restoration and camouflage is appropriate for scars from acne, surgical events, accidents, or otherwise. Scar camouflage tattooing is only appropriate for scars that are white.

    Are there any types of scars you do not treat?

    Yes. We do not treat very large, complex scar tissue or keloid scars or any scar that we feel we cannot improve.

    Are there any type of scars you cannot tattoo?

    Yes. We will not ever attempt to cover a darker scar with pigment; scar camouflage tattooing is only appropriate for white scars.

    Will tattooing my scar make it disappear?

    Never, and in fact incorrect tattooing can actually make it appear much worse. Correctly camouflaged scars will blend with your natural skin tone more and be less visible and noticeable, but they will never disappear.

    How soon can I begin scar restoration and camouflage?

    We recommend that you wait at least one year after any type of surgery, accident or other before manipulating your scar tissue in any way. During that time, your body is able to accomplish a tremendous amount of healing on its own and we do not want to disrupt that in any way.

    What is the procedure for scar restoration and camouflage?

    One of our treatment professionals will see you for a consultation to discuss your personal concerns and let you know if you will benefit from scar restoration or scar camouflage treatments. We will discuss the treatment options that best suit your scarring and give you a treatment plan as well as pricing.

    How much does scar restoration cost?

    In general, we price scar restoration by the hour instead of by the modality we choose to use as that may change as you progress through your treatment plan. Treatments begin at $250 for up to an hour.

    Does scar restoration and camouflage hurt?

    Our providers are very experienced and will assure you are comfortable throughout your appointment. Where appropriate, effective numbing cream is used to minimize discomfort.

    When will I see results from my scar treatments?

    Scar restoration takes time and patience. If you are expecting a quick fix, it does not exist and these treatments are likely not the correct approach for you.

    What are typical side effects?

    As with any type of treatment that disrupts the skin, healing from any of our procedures takes time. We will discuss the specific healing time for your particular treatments when we see you for consultation.

    What can I do to achieve the best results?

    Follow our advice regarding caring for your scars after each procedure and do not rush the process. The best results often take a few appointments and improvement is gradual – be patient.