Areola Tattoos & Paramedical Tattoos

Realistic 3D Restorative Tattoos

At Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic, we are passionate about providing the very best areola and paramedical tattoo services possible, because we understand how important restorative tattoos are to physical and mental recovery after trauma or breast cancer. We are honoured to spend this time with you and thank you for your trust.

While many of our clients come to us from Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody, because there are relatively few talented paramedical tattoo artists that also have medical backgrounds, clients visit us from many parts of Greater Vancouver, other Canadian provinces, and the USA.

Our paramedical tattooists are highly trained, experienced and exceptional artists who create realistic 3-dimensional breast tattoos. Additionally, they are members in good standing of the Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals (SPCP) and have all voluntarily undergone examination to become Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (CPCP), the only designation in the world that ensures your artist meets the highest standards.

Should you have excessive or ropey scarring, our aesthetics department offers scar relaxation with microneedling as well as laser treatments where appropriate, to initiate collagen production and break down scar tissue to return some of your skin’s natural softness and elasticity. In specific cases, we also offer scar repigmentation after a consultation to determine if you are a suitable candidate.

Compromised tissue should always be treated with care, so restorative services often require more than one procedure for maximum effect. Book a consult today to determine the best treatment plan for your situation.

If you’re unsure if paramedical tattoos are right for you, please book a complimentary consultation.
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    Our Paramedical Tattoo Artist

    Kelly Hallam, RTNM CPCP, President / Permanent Makeup
    Kelly Hallam, RTNM CPCP

    Founder (2014) & CEO

    Read Short Bio
    Kelly is one of the Lower Mainland’s only permanent makeup and paramedical tattoo artists with an extensive science and healthcare background. She offers a variety of micropigmentation procedures, including microblading and powder brows, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip colour. As a breast cancer survivor, Kelly is passionately skilled in areola restoration tattooing, scar reduction and scar camouflage. READ MORE

    Paramedical Tattoo FAQ

    What is paramedical tattooing?

    Paramedical tattooing is combining tattoo pigment and an expert artistic eye to successfully recreate 3 dimensional anatomical features (such as a nipple/areola complex), camouflage scar tissue or correct abnormal pigmentation that has been caused by injury or disease. When appropriately used, paramedical tattooing can contribute greatly to both your physical and emotional recovery.

    TIP: The correction of abnormal pigmentation, as well as scar camoflage, are advanced techniques that are suitable only in very particular instances. It is imperative that the artist selected has a thorough understanding of the underlying medical issues as well as how they affect the healing of skin tissue. When done using the wrong pigments or techniques these procedures heal very poorly and can make the appearance worse. Please do your research when selecting your artist.

    How does it work?

    1. You will begin with an assessment and consultation with Kelly Hallam, RTNM CPCP. Kelly has 20 years’ experience in healthcare and is a breast cancer and double mastectomy survivor herself. Please have your treatment history handy, including dates of surgeries or radiation, along with any current medications or treatments.
    2. If you are a suitable candidate for the procedure your appointment will be made with our Paramedical Tattoo Artist for your first session. Areola and nipple tattoos are completely customized and we work with you to select placement, shape and size and colours. You can bring pictures of your previous breasts, or even those that you like the look of. Our areola restoration tattoos are 3 dimensional, with strategic placement of colour and shadow; nipple reconstruction is not necessary.
    3. You will require a follow up visit 6-12 weeks after your initial session. This is to ensure the colour is healing well and add any finishing touches. Occasionally compromised skin will require additional treatments.

    How do I know if a paramedical tattoo is right for me?

    If you are bothered by the discolouration of skin tissue or the lack of anatomical features after surgery, this type of tattooing may be appropriate for you. Paramedical tattooing is often not a quick fix. The successful and natural looking building of colour may take a few appointments so you must have patience and be willing to spend the time required to achieve a soft and natural look.

    Should I book a consultation?

    In almost all instances a consultation should be booked prior to a paramedical tattoo.

    Does paramedical tattooing hurt?

    In some instances the scar tissue or transplanted tissue has no viable nerve tissue and pain is not an issue. In others, even though tissue has been transplanted and feels numb to the touch, sensation may be felt elsewhere. For this reason we apply an effective pre-procedure anaesthetic, as well as reapply instant anaesthetic throughout, for all of our clients. Your comfort is very important to us.

    How long does a paramedical tattoo last?

    The longevity of your paramedical tattoo will depend upon the procedure done, as well as the pigment and technique chosen. In most, but not all, instances a Follow Up appointment may be required every 3-5 years.

    Can I cover an existing paramedical tattoo?

    All clients with a pre-existing paramedical or camouflage tattoos should be seen for a consultation prior to booking this service.

    Are there contraindications?

    Yes. We will not do any paramedical tattoo procedure if you…

    • are under the age of 18
    • are pregnant or breastfeeding
    • are currently undergoing chemotherapy or completed within the previous 6 months
    • are currently undergoing radiation treatment or completed within the previous 6 months
    • have completed breast reconstruction within the previous 6 months (implants or transplanted tissue must be given adequate time to settle)
    • are a smoker
    • are on acne medication or have been in the last year
    • have keloid scarring
    • have vitiligo
    • have uncontrolled diabetes

    How should I prepare for my appointment?

    • No alcohol 24 hours prior to your treatment
    • Contact us if you take blood thinners on a regular basis
    • No exfoliating skin care products on the area the week before your treatment
    • If you have recently completed radiation treatment, we require a note from your radiation oncologist confirming that your skin is healthy enough to undergo paramedical tattooing
    • Pain tolerance is reduced just before, and during, menstruation. Keep this in mind when timing the booking of your appointment.
    • If your paramedical procedure is anywhere on your face and you tend to get cold sores, please ensure you have a prescription antiviral on hand.

    Do you ever refuse to do a paramedical tattoo treatment?

    Yes. We reserve the right to refuse treatment on anyone. For any reason.

    What payment methods do you accept?

    We  accept cash, major credit cards and e-transfer and yes, GST will be added to all prices.