A Microblading Career. What is Required for Success?

Drawing eyebrows for microblading

A Microblading Career. What is Required for Success?

Hair and nail salons everywhere are renting their rooms to all the new Microbladers on the block; and our blocks are swamped. One of Halcyon’s artists, 18-year Permanent Makeup veteran Stephanie Wilson, found this out when she left her very busy Kamloops location to move back to the west coast. There wasn’t a room to be had.

The numbers of young women being lured into the world of Permanent Makeup by companies making promises of diamonds and dazzle and an extremely lucrative career are astounding. WIth instructors driving Bentley’s, flaunting titles such as “Royal Artist” and “Grand Master”, who can resist such a promise? Scarier are the instructors pocketing tens of thousands from one and two-day classes and their overflowing sea of “victims”. That’s another Blog topic!

Don’t be blinded by the price of brows. After insurance, supplies, website design, internet fees, booking software, advertising, tuition/travel for advanced microblading and permanent makeup training (you don’t stand a chance without those), the latest equipment – and of course room rental in that salon – you still must divide the remainder by the countless hours spent learning accounting skills, studying social media marketing, pouring over Facebook support groups, preparing health and safety plans, writing up consent and aftercare forms, learning new techniques, and agonizing over the perfect hashtags to use with each day’s Instagram post.

A Successfull Microblading Career Requires an Entrepreneurial Spirit

If you are considering a career in Microblading or Permanent Makeup there is something simple that will predict your success, and it’s not natural talent. One shared trait among ALL successful artists is that they are entrepreneurs. Some have always known it, others have figured it out after long and unsatisfying careers, some still don’t realize it, but for all of them this is the common thread of success.

Entrepreneurs thrive on learning. They suck up every piece of information they can and then look for more. Understanding everything from marketing to accounting to researching the scientific answers behind the never-ending questions is a challenge that excites them. They would rather fail after throwing everything they have into something than stick with the status quo. The term “pension plan” makes them cringe and they don’t blink at the thought of working days and nights and weekends doing what they love.

Spending thousands training with a “Triple Gold Elite Master” will never guarantee your success. AlL you need is a thorough fundamental course that includes accurate colour theory, health and safety and basic technique, along with the thirst to continuously learn, the guts to take the risk and dive right in, and an entrepreneurial spirit to keep you going.

If you are risk averse, prefer the concept of security and a pension plan, aren’t willing to try and fail and then try and try again, then I suggest you pass. There’s a lineup waiting for the room in that salon. On the other hand, if you’re willing to take the necessary permanent makeup training, realize that success won’t happen overnight, a career in permanent makeup may be for you.

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