Bad Microblading? Learn About Permanent Makeup Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal and permanent makeup removal

Bad Microblading? Learn About Permanent Makeup Tattoo Removal

At Halcyon Cosmetic Solutions, we specialize in permanent makeup tattoo removal and conventional tattoo removal. We are trained and experienced in laser tattoo removal but opt to use Hypertonic Saline tattoo removal solutions for the face. These gentle and effective methods of tattoo removal minimize any chance of permanently altering your skin’s integrity or damaging your melanocytes (colour-producing skin cells).

The advantages of hypertonic saline removal method include:

Our chosen product is formulated using all-natural, refined sea salts that are filtered to render a 100% pure, sterile, medical-grade product.


Our Hypertonic Saline tattoo removal solution is extremely gentle and does not alter cellular integrity or induce any type of cancer-causing mechanism.

Efficient and Effective Treatments

A typical brow removal takes approximately 1/2 an hour, including both numbing and treatment. Applications can be repeated every 8 weeks.

Minimal to No Pain

An effective numbing agent is appllied prior to the procedure, followed by a fast-acting numbing agent during the procedure, should it be required. In many instances, no numbing agent is required. This is VERY different than laser tattoo removal which, if done with an effective laser, can be excruciating.

Utilizes the Body’s Own Natural Healing Mechanisms

The hypertonic saline tattoo removal solution used at Halcyon Cosmetic utilizes the body’s own healing mechanisms to gently lift and remove the unwanted pigment.

Effective Even On Light Pigment Colours

Unlike laser tattoo removal, saline solution removal methods do not differentiate colour. They are just as effective at lifting white pigment as they are black, so the technique is perfect for permanent makeup tattoo removal.

Does Not Degrade Skin Integrity Or Future Tattoo Application

Unfortunately, experienced cosmetic tattoo artists will tell you that skin that has had laser tattoo removal is permanently altered and non-receptive to additional pigment. So if you are removing some poorly done brows and hope to reapply some beautiful brows this is often not possible after laser tattoo removal. Saline removal is much gentler on the skin.

Does Not Affect Melanocytes (pigment-producing cells)

Unlike laser tattoo removal, which can harm your melanocytes and cause a lighter “ghost” tattoo around your removed tattoo, saline tattoo removal does not.

Excellent For Facial Tattoos And Permanent Makeup

Hypertonic saline tattoo removal products can be applied very precisely, unlike a laser in which the heat spreads under the skin. This is a huge advantage when attempting to remove just a few poorly placed hair strokes, or the tip of a brow that is too long, or the wing of an eyeliner that is no longer pointing in the right direction.

Fraction Of The Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal

Hypertonic saline tattoo removal is MUCH more affordable than typical laser tattoo removal and requires a significantly less number of treatments to achieve the desired results.

At Halycon Cosmetic we DO NOT advocate laser removal for permanent makeup as it permanently affects the integrity of the skin and in many cases it renders the skin impossible to accept future pigment. In addition, laser always has the potential to permanently disable your melanocytes, leaving a “ghost image” of your tattoo.

Due to the rising popularity of “microblading”, and the abundance of poorly trained technicians and unskilled applications, we are very experienced at removing misshapen and discoloured brows.

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