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Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic Blog

Are your permanent makeup pigrments organic? This is a frequent question and one you should understand the answer to, whether you are a permanent makeup client or an artist. Sadly, most of today’s permanent makeup training programs don’t have the time or the understanding to address the chemical structure of pigments. The result is that both consumers and artists are often misinformed.

At Halcyon Cosmetic Solutions, we specialize in permanent makeup tattoo removal and conventional tattoo removal. We are trained and experienced in laser tattoo removal but opt to use Hypertonic Saline tattoo removal solutions for the face. These gentle and effective methods of tattoo removal minimize any chance of permanently altering your skin's integrity or damaging your melanocytes (colour-producing skin cells).

In the age of Social Media taking over the world, we would like to speak a little about permanent makeup reviews on social media and our practices at Halcyon Cosmetic. While we would love to have more of our clients post positive reviews about their permament makeup treatment at Halcyon Cosmetic, the truth is that people who are happy don't often do this. It is much more common for our clients to speak directly to us, text us how happy they are, send us their selfies, refer their friends, and to return to us time and time again for additional procedures. And, quite frankly, we are just too busy to put much effort into soliciting reviews.