How Much Does Microblading Cost?

How much does microblading cost?

How Much Does Microblading Cost?

How much does microblading cost? It’s a question we’re asked frequently. Costs depends on many factors, including the professional background of the microblading artist, their education and experience, and the quality of equipment and pigment they use. When comparing clinics’ microblading pricing, it’s important to compare apples to apples. Similar to a women’s haircut or colour, microblading and other types of eyebrow enhancements vary dramatically in price. A reasonable price to pay for a complete set of brows (initial appointment + touch up) would be between $350 for a newer artist to as high as $650 or more for an educated and experienced artist. Given the cost of decent equipment and reputable products, we would run fast from anyone charging less than this, unless you are a model for someone just learning.

Following are a few reasons why the cost of microblading and other types of eyebrow enhancement vary so much in price.

Professional Background

Microblading cost varies with the professional background of each artist. Those with years of related experience have put in time, money and effort to accumulate the knowledge that makes them better equipped to safely and accurately assess your skin health and troubleshoot problems. These include diploma or degree programs and include licensed aestheticians and medical practitioners. Clear understanding of skin structure, function and pathophysiology is a vital part of a successful brow enhancement and no 2-day microblading course can compare to backgrounds like these

Advanced Education

For every 100 artists that have taken a 2-day local course, there is one who has taken their permanent makeup education to another level and travelled the world to train with the best artists in the industry. Extensive and varied education with a variety of artists opens the door to more tools and techniques to offer clients.


An artist who does 1-3 brows per week will never compare to an artist who sees 3-5 clients PER DAY, every day. Skin consists of living, and sometimes unpredictable, cells and it is only experience that allows each artist to work out what does, and does not, work for them, their equipment and their pigments. With experience also comes speed and we can assure you that 45 minute brows are worth paying for and are a much more pleasant experience than 4 hour brows!


Many quick microblading courses lure students with the promise of a “kit” filled with everything they need to begin their lucrative careers. Unsuspecting students are unaware that the machine they are given has a very limited needle selection, or that the needles they are given don’t have safety membranes to prevent cross-contamination. Often these “kits” aren’t worth more than $100. An experienced artist is able to differentiate between junk and safe, quality equipment and is willing pay the price for it.


As with many items of quality, better pigments cost more. Yes, pigment can be purchased inexpensively from Amazon, but safe and reputable pigments use quality ingredients, have undergone extensive testing and have been around long enough to stand the test of time. Although permanent makeup pigment is not regulated in North America, many reputable pigment companies have voluntarily met the EU standards. Testing and meeting standards is the difference between a $5 bottle of pigment and a $65 bottle of pigment.


Geographic location plays a part in microblading costs the same way it does in real estate. Brows in Beverly Hills will be much more than brows in Coquitlam or Port Moody, BC.

Keep all of this in mind when selecting your brow artist. Along with price consideration, ensure you are educated on the products and equipment your artist uses, as well as their background and the extent of their education and experience. If price is your only consideration, ensure you factor in the cost of removal too!

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