The Cost of Permanent Makeup

Cost of permanent makeup

The Cost of Permanent Makeup

Have you ever wondered why the cost of permanent makeup, especially the hyped up and trendy microblading, varies so much among artists? I would like to give you a few points to consider, when you think about permanent makeup pricing.

Permanent Makeup Training

Currenty there is a very small handful of reputable trainers in the world. Yes, world.

Because permanent makeup has become SO popular, especially microblading, copycat trainers have popped up just about everywhere. Often they fly in and out of town for a quick 2-3 day training, where they pack in more than a dozen students that are soon performing these services on YOU.

Real training is a commitment of both time and money. After fundamental training, skill perfecting and the learning of new techniques is ongoing. To learn from the best, a skilled and talented artist seeks out the best.

A Professional Permanent Makeup Artist includes ongoing training fees in the cost of permanent makeup services.

Halcyon Cosmetic provides training in microblading and PMU and permanent makeup removal and tattoo removal.


There are a few different brands of pigments that are of very high quality and have been around for many years. There are hundreds of knock-offs.

What is the difference?

High quality pigments are made for the face and with strict quality standards. They are specially formulated to withstand the sun and normal exfoliation and to fade slowly and at an even rate. Face pigment is entirely different from tattoo ink which, when implanted, is meant to last a lifetime.

Cheap pigments appear very similar at first glance. Even while going into the skin and possibly even for months afterwords. But somewhere along the line, the true colours emerge, Literally.

A Professional Permanent Makeup Artist includes the cost of high quality, reputable pigment in the cost of their services.

Blades and Shading Tools

Blades and shading tools are used to implant pigment into your skin. The highest quality tools are sterilized correctly and made with precision. As with everything else, you get what you pay for.

A skilled artist might need to use several of these tools during your treatment to attain the perfect look for you. At between $6.00 and $20.00 each, this adds up.

A Professional Permanent Makeup Artist accounts for the use of multiple, top quality tools in the cost of their services.


A high price at a high end clinic in an urban centre may not be indicitive of the training or skill of the practitioner but rather the cost of the overhead required to operate.

A Professional Permanent Makeup Artist will adjust their pricing to reflect the cost of the space they work from. Expensive doesn’t always mean better!

These are just a few of the major considerations when pricing permanent makeup services. An adequately trained professional will allow for all of these costs when setting their prices. If you are enticed by extremely low prices, please think about what you might be getting… or NOT getting. The best thing you can do for yourself to ensure you’re in the right hands is to ask questions about all of the items listed above. Educate yourself.

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