The Anti-Aging Combo Package

Anti-aging skin treatment combo

The Anti-Aging Combo Package

When microneedling meets Laser Genesis, magic happens! These are two of our favourite skin treatments at Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic and we’ve combined them into one amazing Anti-Aging Combo package.

If you are new to our medical facials this combination might sound intense but fear not, you’ll be in the hands of our highly trained and very experienced licensed aestheticians. We’ve also created this package to have minimal downtime, so you might leave a bit flushed but that’s about it.

Our Anti-Aging Combo treatment combines the benefits of two treatments, that are both fabulous on their own, for maximum effectiveness. Let us tell you a bit about each of these treatments and why they work so well together. You can begin by thinking of Laser Genesis as the cake, and microneedling the icing! Laser Genesis works from the deeper layers up and microneedling works from the surface down.

Laser Genesis is a true, medical-grade laser (as opposed to multi-wavelength light devices such as IPL) and one of the most comfortable we’ve ever experienced. The deep-penetrating warmth of the Laser Genesis benefits the deeper layers of your skin (the cake) that rely on strong, healthy collagen production to keep the surface looking supple, smooth and at its best. Collagen stimulation helps support the skin to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, improve texture and tone, tighten enlarged pores and reduce discolouration and redness.

Topping off a Laser Genesis treatment with microneedling is as sweet as icing, but without the calories. Microneedling addresses all the concerns mentioned above but adds a boost of effectiveness at a more visible level. It jumpstarts your skin’s own repair process, as well as creates microchannels for maximum penetration of our effective skincare products during your treatment.

Our Anti-Aging Combo yields noticeable results, but we wouldn’t be giving our best service if we didn’t suggest supporting it with a SkinCeuticals skincare routine. We like our routines simple, and in this case we’ve got you covered in 3 easy steps! A Vitamin C serum to prevent and strengthen the skin from the inside out, a gorgeous moisturizer to offer supreme hydration and comfort during these colder months and lastly the creme de la creme of anti-aging ingredients, a retinol! We’ll customize this easy plan to fit into your morning and evening routine.

Don’t forget that this Anti-Aging Combo package can be a preventative measure too; you don’t have to wait to see the little lines creep up before you tackle them!

If you’re in the Tri-Cities area, book an appointment. Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic serves clients in Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam, though our clients come to us from all over the Greater Vancouver area for treatments.

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